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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Can we ever really expect World Peace?

Being a Christian, I subscribe to the thinking that true World Peace will only come when Christ returns, as promised in the Holy Bible. Meanwhile, can we learn from his teachings how we should behave, in order to promote more peaceful coexistence until he returns?

Nobody can know when World Peace will happen, and our human limitations seem to be in the way of it happening without some significant 'Divine help'. We must learn to accept others as they are; we must learn to forgive others for their mistakes; we must learn to be willing to "do unto others what we would not mind being done to ourselves". In fact, we must learn (if it is possible) to even love our 'enemies'; for only at that level of love is real peace possible.

Humanity has evolved to a degree in how we treat others; but usually only through "rule of law" and its enforceability of consequences if broken. Only when all humanity has the innate capacity for living under these principles can real peace be expected.

We all want peace, right?  So, let's brainstorm together to learn what we can do...individually and help make some progress in the difficult journey toward that goal.

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