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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Promote Peace Through Practicing Peace!

What can I do to promote world peace?  This question is likely on everybody's mind (or at least it SHOULD be!), but there are so many answers that it can get confusing.

Can we all serve in the same ways?  NO!  We must serve in our own ways, whatever those might be, right?  Some people excel in certain areas, and others in other areas; which is a good thing, since we need all kinds of people in this world, don't we?

In my (humble) opinion, the best way to Promote World Peace is simply to Practice Peace.  In other words, if we all just behaved in ways which are known to promote peace and only carried out peaceful interactions with others, the world would automatically be more peaceful. (duh?).

But that's not so simple, really, is it?  What does it mean to "practice peace"?
What do YOU think?